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GoManitoba - Ridesharing Program

Posted: August 28, 2017

The Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region (PMCR) is excited to announce its participation with GoManitoba, a province-wide ridesharing program

GoManitoba allows users to find carpooling partners as well as cycling, walking or transit buddies for their commute. Not only will the program help reduce the number of commuters driving alone to workplace in Winnipeg and the surrounding region, it will also help provide increased mobility options for the entire community.  

Students, seniors and and those without vehicle access  will also be able to take advantage of the program's many services and find ways to get to work, classes, social gatherings, recreational activities and appointments either on a regular bases or on occasion. 

Until a regional transportation system is established, GoManitoba will help better connect the entire region. It serves an economical first step in advance of public transit that has the added benefit of increasing workforce mobility and economic development. As well, by having invested in this suitable transportation tool, municipalities will actively be contributing to promoting ways to reduce greenhouse gases.  

For this program, the PMCR has joined with the Green Action Centre and various other partners to design the program with commuters in mind. With features like 24/7 access to data, and a user-friendly website and app, the program provides commuters with much more then simply matching carpool partners!

As a community partner through the Winnipeg Region subscription ( via PMCR), you will be able to easily access GoManitoba through your municipality's and the PMCR's webpage, where interested users can create profiles and begin finding matches! 

Your Municipality will get the benefits provided by the program, while helping create greater connectivity between our communities. 

The program offers services between the municipalities of:  
City of WinnipegRM of Richot
RM of MacdonaldRM of Cartier 
RM of St. Francois XavierRM of Rosser
RM of RockwoodTown of Teulon
RM of HeadinglyRM of East St. Paul
RM of West St. PaulRM of St. Clements
RM of St. AndrewsCity of Selkirk
Village of DunnottarTown of Stonewall
RM of TacheRM of Springfield
RM of Ste. AnneTown of Ste. Anne
RM of HanoverTown of Niverville
City of SteinbachRM of Portage la Prairie
City of Portage la PrairieTown of Carman

Click the following to view the map: GoManitoba-Ridesharing

Further explore GoManitoba on the website: GoManitoba