Loan Application Process

To apply for a loan with Community Futures East Interlake, contact us to discuss your business idea and financing needs.
The following list of information must be compiled and submitted to the Community Futures East Interlake (CFEI) office before the process of applying for a loan from CFEI can begin. This information is necessary for the staff of CFEI to effectively complete an assessment of the application. The process of applying for a loan through CFEI will take approximately 4 weeks from the time the information required is received by the CFEI office.
  • Completion of a Business Plan
    • Business Planning Workbook (PDF)
    • Business Planning Workbook Form (PDF)
    • Cash Flow Template (Excel Document)
  • Confirmation of Partnership Funding or Refusal of Funding From a Bank, Credit Union or Other Program
  • Financial Summary
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • Security
  • Completed and Signed CFEI Loan Application Form

For more information on the loan application process, click here.