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The Town of Stonewall and Municipality of Rockwood are using CodeRED, a highspeed mass notification system to keep you safe in the event of an emergency.


The system allows the Stonewall Rockwood Emergency Management Board to deliver emergency messages to you via phone call to your landline or mobile device and through text and email.

You will know you have received a CodeRED alert when the number866-419-5000 or 855-969-4636 appears on your caller ID.

Please add these phone numbers to your contact list. If you missed any message details you can always dial the toll-free number back, as many times as needed.

It isFREE to sign up for CodeRED, and it is also very important to do so, because if your contact information is not in the database, then you will not receive alerts if an emergency were in your area.


Please click the following for a step by step guide on how to register! How to register for CodeRED?

 When you register for CodeRED notifications, you may register for a managed account, therefore you can access your account to update your contact information. Or, you can submit your information once. 

Please click the following website link, to get to the CodeRED website: CodeRED


Have Questions?? Please click the following: CodeRED Q & A 


Please click the following printable document, to be completed and sent back to the Rural Municipality of Rockwood Office or Town of Stonewall Office, and we can out your information into the CodeRED database!

Register for CodeRED-Printable