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The Rural Municipality of Rockwood Utilities presently covers the following:
  1. The Stony Mountain / Bristol Water & Sewer System;
  2. The Grosse Isle Water & Sewer System (water supplied by the Cartier Water Line);
  3. The Balmoral Water & Sewer System (reverse osmosis system); and
  4. The Gunton Water & Sewer System (water from Balmoral System).

The Municipality also contracts out services to:

  1. The Rural Municipality of Rosser portion of Grosse Isle; and
  2. The Rural Municipality of Woodlands which includes the LUD of Warren and the Town of Woodlands.

The Rural Municipality of Rockwood employs two (2) full-time operators and two (2) weekend relief operators.
The hours of operation of the Utilities are
Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
The Utilities Manager for the Utilities is Alan Schick.
Important contact numbers:

Stony Mountain / Bristol Plant 204-344-5148
Grosse Isle Pump Station 204-467-8024
Balmoral Water Treatment Plant 204-467-5570
Gunton Water Pumping Station 204-886-3749
Emergency Number for after hours and weekends for all locations: