Animal Control

The Rockwood-Woodlands By-Law Enforcement & Animal Control Board works with pet owners in the municipalities to achieve the goals set out in the Animal Control By-Law. Most often this involves informing pet owners of their responsibilities as outlined in the By-Law. Occasionally, the Enforcement Officer impounds animals. On average, these animals are strays or abandoned. They are placed in adoption programs if no owners are found.

It is important that pet owners understand their responsibilities under the By-Law and to the community that they live in. The provisions of the Animal Control By-Law are set forth to ensure that our communities remain safe and aesthetically attractive. Many of these responsibilities are logical and require no extra effort upon the responsible pet owner. Some of these responsibilities include:
  • Pets are not allowed to defecate on public or private property, if a pet does defecate on public or private property, the excrement will be removed immediately.
  • No pet is allowed to leave the owner’s property unleashed, and must be under effective control. This provision applies to both cats, dogs and any other animal classed as a pet.
  • No pet is allowed to damage public or private property; where a pet does damage property, the pet owner is responsible for the repair of that property.
  • No pet is allowed to disturb the quiet of any Municipal resident.
  • All dogs residing within the town-sites must be licensed.
By-Law Enforcement & Animal Control Officer
Justin Sowa

Animal Control
  • Every dog owner in the Townsites within the Municipality, including Stonewall Trailer Court, is required to license each dog over the age of four (4) months owned or harbored by them.
  • There shall not be located upon any premises anywhere in the Municipality which are outside the Townsites more than THREE (3) ADULT DOGS unless the owner or tenant of such premises possesses a kennel license.
  • Dogs/cats are prohibited from running at large anywhere within the Municipality.
Note: Dog licenses are available at the RM of Rockwood Office, Mountain View General Store in Stony Mountain, Brindley’s General Store in Argyle and Gunton Post Office.

If you have lost your pet, it is advisable to contact the Enforcement Officer immediately to ensure that your pet has not been impounded. You can also file a lost report with the Enforcement Officer concerning your pet. If the Enforcement Officer receives any calls concerning an animal that may fit the description that the pet owner has provided, he will contact the owner immediately and make arrangements for a viewing of the pet. It is also advisable to contact the Winnipeg Humane Society and file a lost report with them; the number to call is 1-204-982-2025. Posters of impounded animals are placed in the community to notify possible pet owners that their pet may have been impounded.

Occasionally we have people request to adopt pets from the Rockwood-Woodlands By-Law Enforcement & Animal Control Board. All dogs are placed in the Winnipeg Humane Societies adoption program. If you are interested in adopting a dog, please feel free to contact to the Winnipeg Humane Society to discuss the adoption process at 1-204-982-2021. We sometimes have cats available for adoption; if you are interested in adopting a cat, please contact our Enforcement Officer and he will place you upon a waiting list and contact you when a cat is available for viewing.