Teulon-Rockwood Fire Department

The Teulon Rockwood Fire Department covers the northern half of the RM of Rockwood and the Town of Teulon for an area of 248 square miles. The Fire Department consists of 24 Fire Fighters who are volunteer / paid on-call members. The Fire Department has 5 Fire Apparatuses: a Pumper, a Tanker, a Bush truck with a quad trailer, a rescue vehicle and an older Tanker truck.

Firefighters must take Level 1 Fire Fighting training consisting of approximately 200 hours of training. The Fire Department trains 2 nights a month as well as specialty training courses that occur throughout the year that members attend. The Fire Department provides fire safety training sessions for the public, especially schools and seniors residences.

The Teulon Rockwood Fire Fighter’s Ball is held annually during the spring is a major fundraising event for the Teulon Rockwood Fire Fighter’s Association. This event helps raise funds for the purchase of specialized fire fighting equipment and training equipment. A few items that have been purchased with these funds are the Jaws of Life, CPR Training mannequins, extrication laptop, quads and 6x6 vehicles for wildland fires and bush coveralls.

The Fire Department holds an Open House in conjunction with Fire Prevention Week in October each year, as well as attends various community events throughout the year.

If you would like more information regarding the fire department you can contact the Fire Chief, Scott Skinner info@rockwood.ca
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