The Community of Komarno

Komarno, Manitoba is a small community about an hour north of Winnipeg and is also the unofficial mosquitoes “capital of the world”! Komarno's name is Ukrainian for ‘full of mosquitos’, they also have a massive statue to honour the mosquito. One resident of Komarno contacted OFF! for some help to build the mosquito statue and they made a donation towards it.

In 2023, the bug company teamed up with local Winnipeg entomologist Taz Stuart to shoot a commercial at a BBQ will hundreds of locals.

Komarno has the Komarno Quality Store that has groceries, liquor and the post office. The Komarno Community Hall annually hosts a Fall Supper and Dance in October, Perogy Fest in November, Ukrainian New Year’s Eve Supper and Dance (“Malanka”) in January, pancake breakfasts in spring and a Mosquito Flea Market in the summer.