Transportation Department

Private Approaches & Culverts
There are two (2) installation methods to choose from; Municipal or Applicant Install of private approach / driveway with a culvert.

Municipal Installation Method
The Public Works department will complete the entire install of the private approach.
Please review the following for more information on the Municipal Installation:

Policy for Installation Completed by the Municipality

Schedule A - Costs

Appendix A - Application Form

Applicant Installation Method
The applicant would complete the installation of the private approach and culvert. With this installation method, the applicant is responsible to obtain the supplies of the gravel, culvert, couplers and equipment to complete the installation. There are two (2) inspections required to be completed by the Public Works department to ensure the installation is to standards.

Please review the following for more information of the Applicant Installation:

Policy for Applicant to Install Private Approach

Appendix A - Application Form for Applicant Install

Road Allowances:
The following acts are prohibited:

  • Placing of refuse on road allowances
  • Erecting fences, mailboxes, or any other obstructions on road allowances
  • Clearing brush or trees or breaking land on a road allowance without written consent of the Council of the Rural Municipality of Rockwood.

Snow Removal:
Snow removal from private property must not be piled on municipal roadsides or pushed into ditches along municipal roads. This is a hazard to municipal road clearing equipment.

Questions? please contact:
Ian Tesarski, Director of Operations