Dust Control

Dust Control Facts

Gravel roads are dusty. This is part of the reality of living on a gravel road. When gravel roads dry out they can create dust in the air that settles in adjacent areas. The RM applies a coat of dust control (a liquid form of magnesium chloride) on the road in front of all homes that have applied to be part of the program to suppress the airborne dust. The timing of when we apply dust control depends on when spring road restrictions are removed, the weather, the availability of gravel supply contractors, and the availability of dust control contractors.

We only apply dust control product once per year. Please do not phone and ask for dust control at other times of the year as we will not be applying it.

Dust control requires moisture.

Magnesium chloride continuously absorbs moisture from the air and literally traps water and locks it in. Magnesium bonds with fine dust particles in the roadbed to stabilize the soil which reduces dust, slows the loss of gravel on road beds and shoulders, and reduces the need for road grading. It reduces erosion and makes gravel surfaces harder and more compact. When conditions are dry there will still be some dust coming off the gravel in the dust control sites however it will be significantly less than the non-dust controlled gravel.

Dust control program.

Applications are available every spring either from the Municipal office or from the website. We advertise in the local papers and on the website every spring to remind residents that the program is available. Once the cut-off date hits our Public Works Department will check the sites, grade the spots and add gravel as required. When the dust control is being applied the site will be prepared by grading the road and pre wetting the gravel with water to help the Magnesium Chloride get absorbed by the water. This process is important for the best results from the product. The sites will not be graded again in the summer unless they are deemed unsafe due to potholes. After September 1 fall road maintenance will begin and the dust control sites may be graded over as part of regular grading.

Other dust control products.

The Municipality is aware of other dust control products that are available and continue to research other available options. Magnesium Chloride is still the product of choice due to the ease of application and cost vs. effectiveness.